It’s game over, when we say it’s game over

We often believe that being a professional athlete is a dream job. The truth is that for many of those who try to join the big league or even for the ones that do, it’s a short-term job.


“Every single athlete goes through his or her career with a chip on their shoulder. They ask themselves: “ What if..” And when the last day comes they’re often overwhelmed with the information out there on what to do next. Having been there, I realized, it’s time to help others who are in the same position that I found myself in years ago and luckily learned from.”, says the CEO of Biznisport Ivan Ćubela.


Biznisport is a platform that is made specifically to help you with finding work or starting a business of your own. While we’re building a community where you can connect and join education programs, you can also be a part of our platform as an investor or find investors for your business.


So, what does Biznisport stand for?


Well, the B stands for plan B, if you need one. Because as our CEO says. “At the end of the day, there is a new beginning”