Jelena Stanivuk Jerkovic, former tennis player working in hospitality

Today, we would like to tell you a story about Jelena Stanivuk Jerkovic (33) – a champion of Bosnia & Herzegovina (BiH) in all categories (except U18), champion of Croatia indoor U16, senior finalist, member of the national team of Bosnia & Herzegovina, third in Europe under 16 years.   The Beginning “I started playing […]

A story of a former athlete: Marina Draskovic

Marina Draskovic (35) is a 6-time judo champion of Croatia, she competed for the national team as a junior, cadet, and senior. Was elected 2 times as an athlete of the city of Velika Gorica and once as an athlete of Zagreb County.   How it all started “I was the first in the family […]

Introducing our ambassador Gordan Kozulj, a former professional swimmer

Introduction We are very happy to have 4-times Olympian, World, and European swimming Champion, Gordan Kožulj (44), as our ambassador.  Alongside other accolades, Berkeley alumni and now a director at Deloitte, Gordan is still very involved in sports and trying to help others. With that said, he is a former athlete who has successfully managed […]

Interview with our advisor, Philippe Blanchard, a long time IOC director

Introduction The world of sport is developing extremely fast and it has been one of the rare activities with double-digit growth over the last 60 years. But this growth has not been beneficial to all the sport stakeholders and, for the athletes, the transitioning between sport and post-competition remains complex. And sometimes personally risky. To […]

Emerging opportunities in sports: The Business of Sport

One day your schedule is bound by training and a specific regimen to perfect your body’s performance, and then all of the sudden your days are free and there are numerous possibilities, but which one do you take? When you retire as an athlete, you can either walk away from the sport completely, or you […]

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Training in a team or independently can be a good time, but unfortunately not for a long time. Don’t get us wrong, some athletes have been known for having truly long-lasting careers, such as:   George Blanda played for the NFL for 26 years as a quarterback and kicker. Gymnast Oksana Chusovitina is still competing […]

Leveling the playing field

A professional athlete’s career lasts about 10 years and sometimes it’s even shorter for big-league players. Very few players make the big leagues and even then, despite the rewards and recognition, financial success isn’t guaranteed.   Having to retire in your early 30’s, means you’ve got a long life ahead until you can actually give […]

It’s game over, when we say it’s game over

We often believe that being a professional athlete is a dream job. The truth is that for many of those who try to join the big league or even for the ones that do, it’s a short-term job.   “Every single athlete goes through his or her career with a chip on their shoulder. They […]